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Over the last ten years, I've run several operational performance improvement projects for digital and services teams. It includes reducing delivery lead time, improving quality, productivity, and drastically improving customer satisfaction.

My learnings cover change management, Lean management, including people development. Those are worth sharing at a certain point in time. Anyway, developing an interest in that is already a learning curve for me.

So, you will have one deep-dive post per month. Based on that, I provide short clarifications or insights, usually per week. It is better to start sharing experiences, insights, and ideas, then ideally - if you find this valuable - end up with a recurrent masterclass.

Why “PeakStride”?

"Peak" means the highest point of achievement, excellence, and success. It includes reaching the top, striving for greatness, and attaining outstanding results.

"Stride" refers to a purposeful step or confident movement forward. It represents progress and momentum with determination and purpose toward a desired goal.

So, combining these elements, I express the journey of reaching the highest levels of performance and success through deliberate and preplanned steps. I mean pursuing excellence, continuous improvement, and significant progress toward goals and aspirations. It encapsulates pushing boundaries and surmounting challenges.

I apply this to management. So here, "PeakStride" embodies the spirit of continuous improvement. It is about the relentless pursuit of excellence and systematic progress toward reaching the peak of operational performance and organizational success.

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